Yet Another Plumbing and Heating engineer


What I charge

I charge nothing for visits to look over a job.

Generally, for private domestic customers, I charge £50 an hour plus an initial £10–£20 for travel, depending on location. I charge for the hours I actually work, not for my break times.

If I have to go off to get special parts (e.g. for a boiler) I will charge for my time doing so. I keep most regular plumbing fittings in my van so I can do most regular jobs using what I carry.

If I am called out during an evening or weekend I will generally charge more. (However if a job I started during the daytime runs into an evening I don't usually charge extra for that.)

I charge for common materials (pipe fittings etc) at the sort of prices you would pay in B&Q, and for specialised parts (e.g. boiler spares) at cost.

For bigger jobs e.g. boiler replacements I will on request give an estimate of the likely cost. I don't generally give quotes because:

I don't generally charge for my time where I'm unable to fix a problem ("no win no fee") unless I have warned you that I may not be able to (e.g. some intermittent problems). Sometimes I may do some work (e.g. replace a boiler PCB or a central heating pump) which turns out not to fix the problem: in that case I will charge for the materials used. If it's a part that would have needed replacement sooner or later anyway then I will also charge for some of the time spent fitting it.

Landlord's Gas Safety Certificates

I don't have a fixed price for Landlord's Gas Safety inspections and certificates: I charge by the hour as for other work. Generally for a place with a room-sealed wall-hung boiler and a gas cooker that works out at an hour's work: £50 + travel. However if the boiler appears to need servicing, and especially if it is conventionally flued (i.e. draws its air from the room and is flued via a chimney — often floor-standing) then in order to leave it working safely I will service it and that will cost extra. Likewise for properties with gas fires: these will require more attention. Back boilers with gas fire fronts are particularly time-consuming.


I am not registered for VAT, so the prices I charge are what you pay: there isn't VAT on top.

Warranties and Insurance

If there are any problems with a job I've done I will come back and fix it for no extra charge where it was my workmanship or choice of materials that caused the problem, within a reasonable period. With items such as boilers and showers that carry a manufacturer's warranty I'll do my best to help you get satisfaction from the manufacturer.

And in case disaster strikes I have £2M public liability insurance.