Yet Another Plumbing and Heating engineer


What I do

I concentrate mainly on Plumbing and Heating. "Heating" means gas: I'm Gas Safe (formerly CORGI) registered to work on domestic cookers, gas fires, water heaters and central heating boilers that run on natural gas. (I am also a member of the Chartered Institute of Plumbing and Heating Engineering.)

The range of work I do includes:

I'm also interested in out-of-the-ordinary projects (not all of which I claim particular expertise in) such as:

Things I don't do include:


I am fully trained but no longer a member of a Competent Person Scheme for Electrical work. Although I can safely do electrical work connected to Plumbing and Heating jobs (e.g. fitting shower pumps, immersion heaters, central heating controls, dual-fuel cookers or gas hobs + electric ovens, etc.) there are situations where the regulations require that this work is notified to building control or done by an electrician (see links for recommendations).

Odd jobs

In addition to the above I do various other 'handyman'-type jobs if the need arises. These may include small areas of tiling, some carpentry, painting and so on. Generally I only do this sort of work where it's related to plumbing jobs (e.g. making good when installing a shower or boiler) or for landlords where something needs doing at a property I'm doing plumbing/heating work at anyway.

I do domestic work: that's in people's houses. Sometimes I work in small shops, offices or schools. I don't work on building sites (except extensions to people's houses).

And I work for myself: I'm self-employed, a sole trader, a one-man band!

Where I work

I specialise in Plumbing and Heating rather than driving(!) so I generally work within urban Reading, preferably near the University area where I live. That's not just because it's environmentally unfriendly driving all over the place, but because if it takes me half an hour to get to a job that adds up to an hour out of my day during which I'm working but not getting paid for it. And if I have to go back to adjust a valve or tighten a joint that's weeping slightly or whatever ....