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The "NoCalc" limescale inhibitor

My attention was drawn to this device in June 2010 by a client of mine who forwarded an email containing this flyer

NoCalc email flyer

Apart from the steep price (compared to comparable products such as this and this) my attention was drawn to the claims made for the device. From the company's website I found this this brochure which makes many claims including:

and also claims that their optional filter unit will extend the life of central heating systems and boilers.

These seemed to be extraordinary claims for this type of device and to require some justification, so I wrote to Mr David Cole at NoCalc asking for clarification. I received no reply.

I also wrote to the Advertising Standards Authority who were more interested. To cut a very long story short they eventually ruled that the claims made for NoCalc were unsubstantiated and should not be made in advertisements again.