Yet Another Plumbing and Heating engineer


the artwork

is by Steve King, a local graphic artist who after years of drawing for fun is now working freelance as an artist/illustrator. I had the idea for the Adam/plumber picture, and I had seen and liked some of Steve's work, so when I was doing some work for him I suggested the idea to him. Steve immediately liked it and I commissioned him to realise it for me.

Steve worked from the Michaelangelo and from photographs of me assuming the position:

Michaelangelo's Creation of Adam posing

... and of a spanner and a sink ...

The Spanner The Sink

... via sketches ...

sketch partial artwork

... to produce the finished artwork (acrylic on paper, which was scanned to a high resolution)

finished artwork

onto the van

I found The Bossdog through the internet. Luca (Mr Bossdog) got the artwork printed and came up to Reading and skillfully fitted it to my van.

Boss Dog at work Boss Dog at work

van with artwork

into the news

Steve had previously had an article printed in a local paper about a piece he had painted and suggested we send out a press release about this one. After some knocking ideas back and forth we came up with this [PDF] which Steve sent out to the local papers. One - the Reading Chronicle - printed an article based on it in its 11th September 2008 issue:

Reading Chronicle Sept 11 2008
article text


February 2010 saw the second exhibition of Steve's work at Reading's excellent Moondogs Art Cafe. The exhibition was supposed to run for the whole month but, sadly, Moondogs closed down halfway through the month!

Exhibition of Steve's work at Reading's Moondogs Art Cafe 1st-27th Feb 2010