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Gas Safe Register and CORGI

It used to be that anyone who worked on gas appliances had to be CORGI registered ...

The "had to" bit was laid down in the Gas Safety (Installation and Use) Regulations 1998 (GSIUR) which says that anyone who does gas work as an employed or self-employed person must be a member of "a class of persons approved for the time being by the Health and Safety Executive". That "class of persons" used to mean "CORGI", ever since registration for gas installers became mandatory. But the wording "for the time being" meant it didn't always have to be CORGI, and a few years ago the Health and Safety Executive put the job out to tender: in effect they made CORGI re-apply for their job, and CORGI lost it. From 1st April 2009 the job of running the register of qualified gas installers went to outsourcing company CAPITA.

Although many of CORGI's employees - such as the regional inspectors who check up on installers' work - were TUPEd over to the new organisation, CORGI itself is a company with other business interests (it runs Competent Persons Schemes for plumbing, ventilation, and electrical work, and sells publications, insurance and other products and services) which it continues to run; and it owns the "CORGI" name and logo. (They are also trying to re-invent themselves as a voluntary professional organisation along the lines of the CIPHE - to the chagrin of the latter.) So the new CAPITA-run scheme had to think up a new "brand", which they have called the "Gas Safe Register".

So since April 2009 people like me working on gas have had to be registered with Gas Safe Register and carry a "license" card with the logo above. At the same time many tradespeople may continue to be registered with CORGI's competent persons schemes (I was on their electrical scheme) or may choose to join CORGI's new professional organisation, and will have a card with "CORGI" on it. And of course many installers had CORGI logos on their vans and their business stationery which they may not be in a hurry to replace, so for some time there may be room for confusion between the two bodies and their logos.

The current franchise runs for 10 years, with an option for the HSE to terminate it after 5 if they're not happy with its performance. So the scheme could transfer to yet another operator (maybe even back to CORGI) in a few years. However one of the requirements of the new scheme is that the Gas Safe name and logo is owned by the HSE and will in future be transferred to whoever is running the scheme, so at least there shouldn't be another identity crisis over who's allowed to work on your gas appliances ...

Gas Safe Register logo ... from now on, it's Gas Safe Register. Gas Safe Register logo